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The Business Upgrade Experience (Unplugged)

Ready to upgrade your business in a relaxed, intimate group of like-minded women entrepreneurs?

This is the 1-day event for you.

Only 20 spots available in this "hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves-to-get-to-work" event. Complete with a beautifully designed workbook, laser coaching and opportunity to meet your new business besties.

We will get to work on filling in the gaps in your business strategy so you have more clarity, a plan to make more cash and confidence to get it all done. Terra will use her Teach, Do + Review model to make sure you get exactly what you need during the event.

The purpose of coming together for this event is to have a supportive and collaborative environment where women can work ON their business together. 

A detailed agenda will be provided via email prior to the event for those who like to "pre-plan" and be in the know. :)

Who's Terra Bohlmann?

She is the creator of The Business Mapping Method™ and a Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs. She takes your ideas and runs them through her filter to sift out CONFUSION and leave you with the CONFIDENCE to run a profitable business. Her mission is to give you the tools and strategies to allow women entrepreneurs to not only impact the world but also leave them proud of the business they built. She's been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Ladies Home Journal Magazine + other publications. She lives in Houston with her husband, 3 boys and her spoiled rescue cat. Learn more at

Who should attend?

Women entrepreneurs in start-up or growth mode. Also, great for women who are in a corporate job looking to transition to build their own company. If the time to do everything that needs to be done in your business is an issue for you, definitely register. 

What's next?

Purchase your ticket to confirm your participation in The Business Upgrade Experience (Unplugged) with Terra Bohlmann. Once you register, you will get an email a week before the event with a link to fill out a brief assessment of your business and what you need to maximize your experience.



Is lunch provided? Yes, a healthy-ish lunch will be provided for you and is included in your ticket price. 

Is there a VIP Option? Nope, because every one of you will be a VIP on event day. Complete with SWAG.

What time does it start and end? Event check-in and networking is at 9:00am and kick-off begins at 9:30am. Event will end on time at 4:30pm.

Why is this called "Unplugged"? Because unlike my annual Live! event, there will be no microphones, DJ, stage or singers. This is about creating an intimate venue so everyone gets attention. Attendees are really encouraged to unplug on this Saturday to focus on their business (and remove any day-to-day distractions so you can treat yourself like your very-best customer for one day).

Should I bring my laptop, tablet, etc? Nah. It's an unplugged event. I will have a workbook for you as well as pens.

Can I be an exhibitor? No, not at this event. Room is too small.

What's the parking situation? Free parking is available in the parking lot next to Heights Haven located in Houston Heights.

Where do I go? You'll go to the back studio behind the main bungalow.